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Classic K-1 Sapp vs. Crocop Broken Cheek Bone Video

Monday, November 13th, 2006

Broken Cheek Bone – video powered by Metacafe

K-1 World Grand Prix 2006 Final in Tokyo fight card

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

The K-1 World Grand Prix final takes place at the Tokyo Dome on December 2. The semifinals and finals happens the same night to crown the 2006 Grand Prix champion.

- K-1 World GP Quarterfinal: Semmy Schilt vs. Jerome LeBanner
– K-1 World GP Quarterfinal: Ernesto Hoost vs. Chalid “Die Faust” Arrab
– K-1 World GP Quarterfinal: Ruslan Karaev vs. Glaube Feitosa
– K-1 World GP Quarterfinal: Remy Bonjasky vs. Stefan Leko
– Reserve Bout: Peter Aerts vs. Musashi
– Reserve Bout: Hong-Man Choi vs. Ray Sefo
– Super Fight: Badr Hari vs. TBA

K-1 World Grand Prix History:
2006: To Be Determined
2005: Semmy Schilt
2004: Remy Bonjasky
2003: Remy Bonjasky
2002: Ernesto Hoost (4)
2001: Mark Hunt
2000: Ernesto Hoost (3)
1999: Ernesto Hoost (2)
1998: Peter Aerts (3)
1997: Ernesto Hoost
1996: Andy Hug
1995: Peter Aerts (2)
1994: Peter Aerts
1993: Branko Cikatic

Lesnar Official Press Conference K-1

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

LAS VEGAS – Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) World Champion Brock Lesnar announced his entrance into the MMA ring Saturday night at a press conference at Bellagio following the K-1 “Battle at Bellagio? event. Lesnar confirmed that he had signed a contract to fight for HERO’s, K-1’s new Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) series of events which includes headliners Genki Sudo, Bob Sapp, Kazushi Sakuraba and Don Frye. Lesnar also announced that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu innovator and the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) first-ever champion, Royce Gracie, will be his trainer.

“You are a great champion wrestler and I am a great Jiu Jitsu fighter; we are going to be good together,? said Gracie as he eagerly shook Lensar’s hand in the K-1 ring at the sold out “Battle at Bellagio? event on Saturday.

Lesnar’s career includes a number of years with WWE, a player with the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL as well as Amateur Wrestling in high school and college. He won the 2000 NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Championship and was a two-time All-American amateur wrestler. Lesnar’s professional titles include WWE Heavyweight Champion, WWE King of the Ring Champion, WWE Royal Rumble Champion and the IWGP World Heavy weight Champion.

HERO’s is the new and exciting MMA series brought to the United States by FEG, also the organizers of K-1. Established two years ago in Japan, HERO’S combines all forms of martial arts disciplines including Karate, Kickboxing and Kung Fu, as well as the grappling techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Wrestling. This style of fighting has been developed with the hope of eliminating unnecessary techniques and creating more exciting fights that last longer. The fights take place in a boxing style ring making it easy for the viewers to follow the action.

Over the past decade, MMA events have increased significantly in popularity. Creating a true international flavor by inviting top participants from all over the world, the reputation of HERO’s shows has spanned far beyond Japan. With special lighting and pyrotechnic effects, the HERO’s events are packed with high-energy action and excitement. HERO’s events are currently broadcast in prime time on Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS).

HERO’S will be held four times each year and is scheduled to begin in February 2007. The location has yet to be determined but more than likely will occur at a major venue on the West Coast. HERO’S will televise their events in more than 110 countries worldwide.

K-1 is a martial arts fighting sport that derives its name from its inclusion of a wide array of combat disciplines including Karate, Kung-Fu and Kickboxing (“K?), with an intent to determine one champion in one ring (“1?). After being staged for the first time in Japan in 1993 under the direction of founder Master Kazuyoshi Ishii, K-1 has evolved into the country’s most popular sport and has achieved popular culture status as its athletes are larger-than-life celebrities.

Lesnar Set for October K-1 HERO’s Debut

Thursday, August 17th, 2006


Former NCAA wrestling champion and WWE star Brock Lesnar made official his debut in K-1 HERO’s, reports’s Mike Sloan from ringside at K-1 USA’s “Battle At Bellagio” tournament in Las Vegas.Invited to the ring Saturday evening by announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr., the 285-pound Lesnar announced his planned October debut against a yet-to-be-decided opponent.Joining the Webster, South Dakota native in his announcement, three-time UFC tournament champion Royce Gracie stated that he would help prepare the former WWE pro wrestler for his mixed martial arts debut.Lesnar has recently trained in Bettendorf, Iowa with Pat Miletich and his group of fighters.



K-1’s Andy Hug Videos from a great MMA legend

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

Andy Hug vs Mirko Crocop

Andy Hug vs. Ray Sefo

Andy Hug – knock outs

Andy Hug Highlights

Cage Rage Champion Melvin Manhoef VS K-1 Rodrigo Gracie in Japans

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

Cage Rage Light Heavyweight Champion Melvin Manhoef is rumoured to be fighting Rodrigo Gracie in Japans K-1 Heroes Middleweight Tournament.
The first round will take place on August the 5th 2006.

A classic Striker vs Grappler match up.

So what do you think? Will Rodrigo be able to avoid the early flurry and take Melvin down? Melvins record is yet to include a loss to a submission, can Gracie change that?

Discuss here

K-1 and UFC Bid For Brock Lesnar

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

WWE Mega Star Brock Lesnar has received two offers to fight in Mixed Martial Arts, one from K-1 and one from the UFC!

A huge Pro Wrestling star like Lesnar fighting in MMA is a big deal because of the vast amount of cross over fans that he would bring to MMA from Pro Wrestling, already a common practice in Japan.

Many fans believed that Lesnar would side with K-1, especially after he made a special guest appearance at a recent K-1 event and made noises to the effect that he may soon be about to embark on a Mixed Martial Arts career.

However, contrary to the rumours, Lesnar has not signed anything to work with either promotion but is considering both very carefully.

LoveUFC more Editors needed for UFC, Cage Rage, Pride, Strikeforce and K-1

Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

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I look forward to your call.

The Grapevine: UFC Pay K-1 $16 Million

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

“The Grapevine? = A friend , of a friend of someone who’s aunty works for K-1 told us…

The UFC have paid the K-1 organisation $16 Million !!!

This was apparently the sum commanded by K-1 for loaning their contracted fighter Royce Gracie back to the UFC for UFC 60: Hughes vs Gracie.

The UFC apparently agreed to pay K-1 half of what the show made in Pay Per Views, Live Attendance and Sponsorship, from which the UFC netted $32 Million.

… We think this is bollox.